It’s been a decade since I started my career in software development which is a rather fast-moving industry. More often than not, I stumble upon technology, methodology, or even simple tricks that I feel like I should’ve known but didn’t, not to mention constantly being reminded of fading knowledge that was once a second nature. What I usually do is to jot them down as part of my weekly journal, and now looking back, I think those might as well be blog posts because who knows if someone else felt the same can benefit from them, plus I can learn if someone find mistakes or shortcomings in them.

Posts will base on these Long Blog Short principles that I made up:

  1. Weekly update — at least, or more if there are more stories to tell.

  2. Minimally interesting — it doesn’t need to be perfect, keep learning.

  3. Links later — do not contribute new browser tabs before the post ends.